Yes! Integrating Instagram into Postradamus was a little bit tricky. 

Posting to Instagram (with Postradamus) is not as straight forward as Facebook or Twitter for example, but watch the following video and you'll be up and running in no time!

Initial Setup

Step 1

Download and install the Postradamus mobile app to your mobile device.

Step 2

Open the Postradamus mobile app and log in using your Postradamus username and password.

Step 3

All set. Your device should now be listed on the Instagram Connection page.

What's Next

(Repeat this process for each post)

Step 1

Schedule and send your list to Instagram.

Step 2

When each post is ready, it will be sent to your mobile device(s) as a push notification. Look for this notification and tap it.

Step 3

On your mobile device, you will be asked where you want to share to. Choose Instagram.

Step 4

The Instagram app will then open and your photo will be automatically populated. Tap Next until you get to the caption field.

Step 5

Long tap the Caption field and tap "Paste" to paste the text.

Step 6

Tap on "Share".