Got any lists you keep on re-scheduling and re-sending? Try the Evergreen scheduling feature!

Posts in an Evergreen list will automatically re-schedule when the last scheduled post is sent, so your list can just keep on going.

How to Make an Evergreen List?


1. You'll need a list with at least one (well, preferably more!) posts.

Training video: Working with Lists.

2. Create a schedule for your posts.

Training video: Scheduling and Sending Posts

3. Apply the schedule to the posts in your list.

Training video: Scheduling and Sending Posts

When inside the list, click on Scheduler and select Evergreen:

Select the schedule which will apply to all posts once the last post is sent.

Optionally, you can randomize the scheduled times up to 20 minutes, and you can choose to randomize your posts. If you select any of these options, they will apply every time the list is re-scheduled.

The list will now have an Evergreen icon next to it: