Postradamus: Quick Introduction

Postradamus is a tool that helps you

  • Find and curate viral content from places like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on;
  • Or create your own content with text, photos and links;
  • Save this content into lists as posts which you can duplicate, search, sort and modify;
  • Schedule the posts by choosing a date and time for each post and publish the content at your convenience;
  • And finally, export your lists to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.

Postradamus has gone through a lot of changes and upgrades since it was first rolled out, but our philosophy has remained the same. With Postradamus, we want to be able to:

  1. Find content,
  2. Manipulate/modify that content
  3. Send that content to our social profiles

So let's see how you can get started with Postradamus right now.

Getting Started

The menu on the left contains 3 simple steps.

First step is to find existing or create new content.

You can find content on the web by searching through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other sites directly from Postradamus. Select a site you would like to search and type in a search keyword. For example, if you want to post about pandas, you can search Pinterest pins for the keyword panda.

When you find content that you would like to post on your own sites, just select the posts and add them to a list.

You can also create your own content from images on your computer. To do this, simply upload one or more pictures.

Then add these newly created posts to a list.

Finally, you can search for content in existing lists - this might come in handy once you've already created one or more lists in Postradamus. You can then search for content within those existing lists.

Second step is to curate your content and modify your lists.

The content that you found or created in the first step is added to a list. Open the list you created to see the posts you selected. Here, you can edit the posts by adding or changing the text, images and links.

This brings us to the final step, scheduling and sending your lists.

Once you're happy with your posts and ready to schedule them to one of your social profiles, select a date and time for each post.

You can also apply a schedule to multiple posts at the same time by using the Scheduler tool.

When the list is scheduled, it's ready to be sent to your social sites.

Select the site that the posts from your list will be sent to. Postradamus allows you to send posts to your Facebook pages or groups, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress blog, your LinkedIn pages, Instagram and Google+.

And now all that's left to do is sit back and let Postradamus do the rest of the work for you. :)

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