How to Save and Curate Content in Postradamus

In the last video, you saw how you can use Postradamus to find content and where you can create your own content.
In this video, we'll see how to actually use this content, curate or edit it.

Adding Content to a List

First, let's find some content so we have something to work with. I'll search for some panda pictures from Pinterest and select the ones that I would like to use. 

To somehow save these selections, I will add the selected posts to a list.

You can either select an existing list or create a new list for these posts.

Notice the checkbox below the search box, "Don't show content I've already saved" – when this checkbox is selected, the posts you have already saved to a list will not show up in the search results again. This is useful if you want to avoid adding duplicates to your lists.

Manipulating Lists and Posts

You can access your new lists from 2. Lists -> Not Ready. Every new list you create will initially be in the "Not Ready" status. We'll go over the other labels (Ready, Sending, Sent) in the next video.

When you open a list, you will be able to perform a lot of actions on the list and on the posts inside the list. Here's what you can do with selected posts that you added to a list:

  • Edit the posts (text, link, image/video, scheduled time, post category, etc.)
  • Remove the posts from the list
  • Select multiple posts or select all of them and perform some actions in bulk (clear texts, delete multiple posts, duplicate posts, etc.)
  • Edit images from a built-in image editor

And here's what you can do within the lists:

  • Create a brand new post with your own content
  • Change the view layout between gallery, grid, or calendar
  • Search through your list
  • Modify the list - rename it, move it to a different Postradamus profile, clear it from all posts, or duplicate the entire list and its content
  • Schedule the posts in bulk
  • Sort the posts in the list by different criteria

NEXT: Scheduling and Sending Posts