How to Schedule and Send Posts to Your Social Media Properties

After you've found or created new content and curated it using lists, your next step is to schedule this content and start posting it to your social media properties.

There are two ways to send posts from Postradamus to your social sites:

  1. Send posts instantly and manually
  2. Send the posts automatically on a predefined schedule

Send Posts Manually

Sending posts manually means sending them on-the-go - for example, if you are in the middle of searching for content and you found a post that you'd like to publish on your Facebook page immediately, here's what you'll do:

Click the Send Now button at the bottom of the post and select the site you want to send the post to.

(At this step, if you selected a site which you haven't yet connected to Postradamus, you will be redirected to the Connections page. After you connect your account, go back to the post and click Send Now again.)

In the new edit window, make any needed edits to the post before publishing it. When you're done with the edits, just scroll down and click Send.

The post will now instantly be published on your selected site.

You can also use Send Now for posts that are already added to a list.

Open the list where your posts are and click on Send Now button at the bottom of the post which you want to send right now.

Select the site you're posting to. Then make further edits to the post if needed, and finally send the post.

Schedule and Send Posts Automatically

1. Schedule Posts in Lists

Sending posts automatically requires two things:

1. All posts in a list need to be scheduled – assigned a date and time of posting
2. The scheduled list needs to be sent to a social site

When you first create a list, it shows up in the "Not Ready" status (Lists -> Not Ready). This means that the list is not yet ready to be sent to a social media site. Why is it not ready? Because Postradamus doesn't know WHEN you want the posts in the list to be published.

Scheduling Posts Manually

Open the list that contains your posts. If you don't have a lot of posts, you can schedule each post manually.

Click on the Edit Post button at the bottom of each post and assign a future date and time in the top-left corner.

Then, save your changes. The post is now ready to be published at the selected time.

If you'd prefer to schedule your posts "visually", you can switch to the Calendar view from the menu. The calendar can be previewed in a daily, weekly or monthly format.

Drag and drop your posts from the top down to a date and time on the calendar. 

Changes are saved automatically, so you don't have to take any further steps after dragging and dropping a post to a specific date/time.

Scheduling Posts Automatically (Scheduler tool)

You can also create a predefined schedule and apply it to all posts in a list in one go.

To create a predefined schedule, go to Settings -> Schedules and create a new one.

Enter the name of the schedule, such as Facebook 3x per day, or US mid-day, or CET morning - any name that best describes this schedule to you.

Now, add the times that this schedule will apply to posts.

You can add a time by clicking on the Add Time button.

Enter the time of day when one post will be sent, and select the days of the week to apply the time to.

You can also add times from the calendar by clicking on any of the days and times in the calendar.

To edit/update a time, click on it from the calendar to update or delete it, or simply drag and drop it to a different day or time.

Think of these time boxes as placeholders - for example, if you want Postradamus to publish something to your profiles every Monday and Wednesday at 2pm, you will add this to your schedule. You will add a 2pm block on Monday, and a 2pm block on Wednesday.

When you then apply this schedule to a list of, let's say, 20 posts, Postradamus will send 10 of those posts every Monday, and 10 of them every Wednesday.

Now that you have created a schedule, you need to apply it to your posts, so go back to your list.

Click on Scheduler in the list's menu.

Select the date and time starting from which the schedule will be applied. Then select the schedule which you want to apply to the posts - the one you just created, for example.

You can click on More Options to:

  • randomize the time up to 20 minutes from your selected schedule, if you don't want your posts to be sent at exactly the same time you picked on your schedule.
  • shuffle the order of your posts before the schedule is applied to them.
  • apply the schedule only to posts that are not yet scheduled
  • overwrite existing schedule of posts that are already scheduled in the future
  • overwrite existing schedule of posts that are already scheduled in the past

And now just run the scheduler.

Would you like to make your list "evergreen", so it keeps on re-scheduling itself? Check out our Evergreen scheduling feature!

All posts in your list will now have a date and time assigned to them, according to the schedule.

This list is now moved to Ready status (Lists -> Ready) - this doesn't yet mean that the posts will start being published. It just means you told Postradamus WHEN you want to send the posts. But now you need to tell Postradamus WHERE you want to send the list.

So the final step is to Send the list.

2. Send Scheduled Lists

You can send a scheduled list to your Facebook profiles, pages or groups, Pinterest boards, WordPress blog, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profile or company pages, Instagram, and Google+.

Click on Send and select the site you would like to send your posts to.

Select the list which you want to start sending - the one that you have scheduled.

For some social media sites, you will need to further specify where you want to send the list - for example, for Facebook or LinkedIn, specify the exact profile/page/group that the list will be sent to.

And finally, click Schedule.

The scheduled list is now moved to the Sending status (Lists -> Sending) - Postradamus knows WHEN to send each post, and it also knows WHERE to send it.

If you want to send this same list to another site, go to Send again and repeat the steps above.

If you want to cancel sending the list to a site that you sent the list to, go to Lists -> Sending and check the To column.

Here, you will see the site(s) that your list is being sent to. Click on the site you want to cancel and then click Cancel Send.

Postradamus will continue publishing the posts as long as there are scheduled posts in the list. When it publishes the last scheduled post in the list, the list will be moved to the Sent status (Lists -> Sent).