Right here:

  1. Getting Started - series of videos that covers finding content, curating it, scheduling it, and finally sending it to your social sites
  2. Additional Features - series of videos covering additional features in Postradamus. Not "advanced"! Just additional. :)

Getting Started

  1. Quick Introduction to Postradamus
  2. Finding Content - How to use Postradamus to find viral content
  3. Working with Lists - How to save and curate content in Postradamus
  4. Scheduling and Sending Posts - How to schedule and send posts to your social media properties

Additional Features

  1. Evergreen Lists - Reschedule your favorite lists automatically
  2. Import & Export CSV - Edit your posts in bulk, with spreadsheets!
  3. Post Templates - Apply default templates to posts
  4. Post Categories - Categorize and organize your posts
  5. Profiles - Separate your items and account connections